“I love the feeling of being supported by talented professionals. And it has been such a pleasure to work with an assured, straightforward, competent pro like my agent Cynthia Zigmund at Second City Publishing Services. Thanks for sticking with me and getting the deal done, Cindy. I already have thoughts about the next project.”—Beverly E. Jones, author of, 'Think Like an Entrepreneur, Act Like a CEO'

Second City Publishing has worked with large and small organizations and hundreds of authors. 
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Diane Adams   Create Your Extraordinary 

William Bronchick & Robert Dahlstrom   The Business of Flipping  (BenBella)

Greg Bustin  ​ Accountability  (McGraw Hill) / How Leaders Decide  (Sourcebooks)

Chris Cook   Slash Your Retirement Risk​   (Career Press)

Ann Gelder   Pride and Punishment  (fiction)

Lynne Handy   Old Sins (fiction)
Jeremy Holden   Second That Emotion  (Prometheus BooksSea of Doubt & Valley of Time  (Clean Publishing)

Julie Holmes   Murder in Plane Sight  (Camel Press)

Beverly E. Jones   Think Like an Entrepreneur, Act Like a CEO  (Career Press)
Ellen Kirschman   Burying Ben, The Right Wrong Thing & The Fifth Reflection  (all/Oceanview Publishing)

Richard Koreto   Death on the Sapphire, Death Among Rubies, Death at the Emerald,  Alice and the                            Assassin, & The Body in the Ballroom  (all/Crooked Lane)

John Larson & Bennett McClellan   Loyalty is Risk Free  (Praeger Books)

Clare Levison   Frugal Isn't Cheap  (Career Press)

Andrew McQuaig   Teacher-Boy  (fiction)

Wes Moss  You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think  (McGraw-Hill)    Amazon & Tattered Cover Bestseller!

Sarah Myers McGinty   The College Application Essay

Antonio Neves  The Best Thing

Todd Outcalt  Common Ground  (Skyhorse) & The 7 Deadly Virtues  (InterVarsity Press)

Matthew Pollard  The Introvert's Edge  (Harper Collins Leadership)

Stephen Schimpff  The Future of Health-Care Delivery  (Potomac),  Fixing the Primary Care Crisis  (CreateSpace),
​                              & Longevity Decoded  (Squire Publishing)

Linda Davis Taylor   The Business of Family  (Palgrave Macmillan)

Larry Vincent   Brand Real  (Harper Collins Leadership)       Winner - strategy+business Award!

E. Freya Williams   Green Giants  (Harper Collins Leadership)

Advisor Insights, Inc.   

ASI Consulting Group, LLC 

Institute for Supply Management Inc. (ISM) 

Robert Hall  

Paul Kingsman

Unleashing Human Energy, LLC