Second City Publishing Services, LLC

“Cynthia Zigmund did the most significant editing in helping me reorganize and trim in some major ways; her extensive publishing background has been invaluable.” – Robert E. Hall, 'This Land of Strangers' (an bestseller)

"Cynthia Zigmund has provided encouragement, support, and coaching, beginning with my very first book more than twenty years ago. A great friend and publishing professional, she has worked with me behind the scenes to challenge my ideas before they become books. I feel lucky to know Cindy." – Subir Chowdhury, 'The Difference'

“We are truly indebted to you for helping us move through the many hoops of the publishing process. To use a music analogy, you were our conductor, coordinating all aspects of moving our manuscript to a published book. Everyone you selected or recommended came through as expert and professional. All were easy to work with and responsive to our requests. We will see how our book will be received, but there is no doubt that you put together a great team to get us to the starting gate. Thank you.” – Alan G. Weinstein, PhD, 'Unleashing Human Energy through Culture Change'

Independent Publishing

Independent publishing is a viable option for many authors but it involves a lot more than simply printing the words you’ve written. If you are planning on publishing your work on your own, but are not sure where to start, we can help. With more than thirty years in the publishing industry, we can provide a full range of services including concept review, coaching, proposal or manuscript review, developmental editing, and project management.

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Contract Review

If you already have an offer from a publisher, congratulations! For a flat fee, we can review your publishing agreement and make recommendations using our experience negotiating thousands of agreements during more than thirty years in the publishing industry.

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Manuscript Development

If you have a publisher but need help with the development of your manuscript, we can help. We have worked with single authors and large organizations to help them produce professional looking, marketable books and ancillary products. Let us help you do the same.

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